Leap of Faith

In his book Tribes We Need You to Lead Us, Seth Godin describes faith as being critical to all innovation. Faith in yourself, your ideas, your mission and in the people within your tribe. Seth’s essential point: everyone needs faith; it makes life flourish.


When I consider how my professional experience in governance has shaped my professional faith, here is where I land: the practice of governance can be so much better when people grow their ability to relate one to another; the more we are capable of successfully relating to one another, the stronger the work we can accomplish will be.  I have a simple belief: effective governance, at its core, is relational. 

Strong interpersonal relationships (relational performance) + clarity in purpose = effective governance. I have faith that I can support groups to govern better. I believe that better governing will lead to stronger, healthier organizations that will be better able to build stronger, healthier, communities that will contribute to a stronger, healthier world.

Driven by that mission, I’ve spent the past six months creating Total Governance, a governance development program that serves as a catalyst for boards to govern more effectively -- inspired by purpose, informed by process and ignited by performance. Now is the time for my leap of faith. I’m ready to put Total Governance out into the world. My mission is already underway. I am already putting my plan to action: working with boards and councils to develop the Total Governance skills and abilities so that purpose might flourish.  

Where does your faith land you?

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