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EQ in Action

An emotional intelligence assessment tool

Emotional intelligence is crucial to being effective; it’s a skill set anyone can cultivate with practice. EQ in Action is hands down one of the best tools I’ve experienced for cultivating more self awareness, learning and refining emotional intelligence skills. This tool provides individuals with a profile of their basic internalized relational map that has been developed through life experience from infancy to this moment. The resulting report provides a “snapshot view” of how an individual uses his or her emotional competence in various stressful situations.

Emotional Intelligence does not exist apart from relationships. We are created, developed, and sustained in relationship throughout our lives. Our brain and our emotional competencies develop in relationship. As adults, our emotional intelligence is dynamic. Most of us run the gamut of being emotionally smart to not-so-smart depending upon the situation and the stress we are under.

This assessment gives individuals greater choice and opportunity to exercise strong emotional intelligence. The goal is to offer a mirror of how individuals interpret their experience and respond to different situations, to identify strengths and weaknesses on key dimensions of EQ, and then to select “daily practices” to build fitness in areas of their choice. 

Sarah Thomas EQ in Action Certified through Learning in Action

Sarah Thomas EQ in Action Certified through Learning in Action

I found the EQ in Action a very valuable tool and through it, I gained some important insights into how I behave and react in work settings. It has led me down an important path of self- reflection and learning as a result. Thank you Sarah!
— Dr. Susan Ulan Assistant Registrar and Hearings Director

[Sarah] allowed me to further establish my personal vision and underlying values. My consultation with Sarah gave me the confidence to consider a job change and was the catalyst for me to pursue my dream of working in private practice. Sarah’s openness, authenticity and professionalism was evident and fostered meaningful and purposeful engagement throughout the session. I would highly recommend working with her.
— Lalitha Taylor, BSc, RD Owner/Founder of Taylor Nutrition

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