Experienced Consultant in Organizational Design

I partner with my clients to design collaborative workplaces that create positive environments and productive outcomes.

There is no doubt in my mind that my department is a different and better place because of her work; she was the catalyst for us to consider our work strategically and move forward with a practical plan
— Associate Dean, Canadian Medical School
Working with Sarah on our Organization Design Project was a genuine pleasure.  Sarah is positive and is prepared for every meeting.  I inherited a project midway and was impressed by the way Sarah took the situation in stride and lead our team through the process. [Sarah] is knowledgeable and an inspirational leader.  Her can-do attitude is like a breath of fresh air.
— ~ Marianna Hofmeister PhD, Education Manager, Department of Family Medicine, University of Calgary

When people matter, my approach addresses the dynamic nature of work systems and delivers on both the quantitative and qualitative measures of organizational success.


Design Framework




What work gets done.

Define work, how it is structured, governed, paced and progressed.



How work is experienced; where it happens, how it is linked.

Create organizational culture; define and link communities.



AdobeStock_88240646 (1).jpg

Who works and how people are motivated.

Clarify purpose; empower and value people.

Sarah is a brilliant, original thinker. She is intuitive and strategic, has sharp insight into system design and function, an impressive capacity to gather and assimilate information from diverse sources, a talent for making connections and forging partnerships, an intense work ethic, and a deep commitment to doing the right thing and making a difference in the world.
— Barb Krahn, Communications Advisor, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta


"Sarah's involvement created a real sea change and her processes sparked a remarkable spirit of collaboration and magnanimity [for our team]."

~ Organizational Design Client


Discover how Sarah can be a catalyst for your organization’s redesign.  

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