People, Performance & Process

Total SDI® Team Development Workshop

The Strengths Deployment Inventory is a leadership and team development tool that gets at what really motivates people into action - people, performance and process - and how these priorities shape how people relate in any given situation. Get clear on how people express the priorities in two conditions: when things are going well and when there is conflict or opposition 

The Strength Portrait works with the SDI as the next step in identifying people's preferred behavioral strategies. The Strengths Portrait uncovers the strengths (behaviors) people most often use to reach their goals. Together, these two tools link motives, behaviors and results allowing for compelling learning and development opportunities for and between individuals.  


Sarah is a Total SDI Certified Facilitator: working with Total SDI, Sarah helps individuals and teams gain important insight and understanding into how individuals decide what is important to them and why others might behave and prioritize differently.