Be personal. Don’t take it personally.

Working for myself means accepting most things don’t go my way. In truth, living a fulfilling life means accepting most things don’t go my way.

Most often, things not going my way happens in the relational context; translation: interacting with people and not-as-planned outcomes go together like trying and failing – the many-time precursor for trying and succeeding. (More on this later). 

In the early days of deciding to work for myself, I set the intention to be personal and not take things personally. To me, being personal means striving to respect and value every person I encounter. Striving to give respect is about the person I am choosing to be. I give respect freely. I do not insist that my giving of respect be earned. Striving to value every person I encounter is about recognizing the potential in people, judgement free. Not taking things personally means another person’s words and actions are not about me. Period.

Here’s what I continue to notice as an unintended consequence: I’m happier when I am living this intention. This intention is a work in progress. It’s under construction for the duration of my life.


What intention is your work in progress considering the number one resource is time and the primary tools are our words and our actions. (More on this later).

...Oh, and hello 2018!