Building a Better Home

Volunteering time is one way to build and improve our communities.  Over four years I’ve volunteered my time to PALS – Project Adult Literacy Society – Literacy Program. This week, I met my newly assigned student and she’s eager to work and learn! I’m truly privileged to do this work because I get to experience the discovery of language and the joy of learning through my students’ eyes. I am passionate about PALS because it provides education - one of the social determinants of health – to some of our most vulnerable citizens. PALS mission is to change lives through literacy. PALS is raising literacy rates in Edmonton and Alberta. Being a volunteer with PALS is my way of positively impacting the health and wellness of our communities.  1 in 5 Albertans face daily literacy and numeracy challenges.    

 PALS is always looking for new volunteers; if you don’t have the time, but you’re interested in helping, consider a donation.   Check them out!  You can find other Alberta initiatives focused on literacy here.