Our True North Strong and Free

As I get ready to enjoy the long weekend, I am struck by a strong sense of gratitude for my birth “right”. I am beyond grateful for my Canadian citizenship. I won the luck lottery to be born holding Canadian citizenship with all its many rights and privileges. I am also grateful to be part of a citizenship that collectively strives to be inclusive in sharing space for accepted existence and opportunity : gender, race, culture, socioeconomic status come to mind.

Candian Flag.jpg

I am grateful for this place, imperfect as it is. As a woman (also of privilege), so much more is possible for me by this circumstance for no other reason but chance. As a collective, we don’t always get it right and I appreciate that there are those that see this differently than I do. Still, collectively we strive!

Happy Canada Day weekend! May you find yourself in good company and in connection to celebrate what is possible from this great place.

P.S. And how cool was it to watch the Raptors win the NBA Championships!?! #wethenorth

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